Tuesday, May 31, 2016

japan oh japan

This was the most bizarre and beautiful two weeks of our lives. Seeing Japan surpassed anything we could ever feasibly expect from travelling across just one country.

Tokyo was a massive assault on the senses and a shock to the system. A hi-tech emporia full of big neon lights, cheesy j-pop, the constant bleeps of video game arcades, maid cafes, wasabi flavoured Kit Kats, capsule hotels and other bizarre Japanese oddities. Our favourite pastime was obviously people watching.. from obsessive anime & manga fans, cosplayers to the businessmen at the karaoke bars, where sake acts as a real social lubricant, allowing them to freely discuss the issues that should not be debated during the daytime.

Every place outside Tokyo was a tranquil experience. Traditional onsens in Hakone, temples and shrines in Nikko, ancient traditions and tea ceremonies in Kyoto. The ultimate Zen experience.

I’m making none of this up.

Japan is the most fascinating country we have travelled to so far.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

If love was a picture.

It’s Christmas time and I’m mastering the art of staying put. My only movement is the one reaching for yet another schnitzel or flicking through the memoirs and old photographs.

These pictures of my parents have a quiet pulse of intimacy, joie de vivre and transmit the instant happiness to me. My parents are a match made in heaven. Some 38 years ago and still going strong. Insert happy emoji here.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Less of shiny wrapped presents, more of heart-open presence.